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Since 2014, we have been empowering organisations to grow their positive impact. We do this from the heart, through their employees. Over the past years, we have challenged thousands of employees across various organisations to take small but meaningful steps towards a sustainable life together. These challenges bring sustainability into the heads, hearts, and hands of your employees. All of a sudden, a global problem becomes manageable and a sustainable future achievable. But we are not done yet! Read how we have helped organisations involve their employees in their sustainability strategy and join us in making even more impact.

Gemeente Amsterdam

“In addition to creating awareness, we also thought it was very important to lead by example. I was really surprised by the large number of participants.”

Logo FrieslandCampina

“The challenge is a fun and effective way to work on sustainability. The positive effect is still lasting.”


“It started out as a challenge for employees in The Netherlands but quickly generated interest around the world. More than 880 participants from 11 locations around the world joined the challenge!”

“We wanted to show that it is not that difficult to live in a more sustainable way. We have more than achieved that goal.”


“A great way to create awareness in a playful way.”

Logo FrieslandCampina
“2,000 employees worldwide passionately participated. That is an astonishing result that has exceeded my expectations.”

“A great experience for! Very well organised and also very nice to participate in yourself. I now regularly receive messages from colleagues who want to do more with sustainability.”

“In the run-up to our new sustainability strategy, we wanted to create awareness about important sustainability themes in a fun, playful way.”

“In the run-up to our new sustainability strategy, we wanted to create awareness about important sustainability themes in a fun, playful way.”

Logo APG

“A very positive way engage in sustainability and it really activates.”

“During the challenge, we bridged cultural and geographical distances by addressing a topic that knows no barrier: sustainability.”

“By organising the HTH Footprint Challenge, we wanted to inspire students and employees with an innovative tool that encourages action and involvement. Together we have made a lot of impact.”

“Very inspiring challenge. I will definitely continue the actions in my daily life. Easy quick actions but they have a long lasting impact.”

Participant Danone

“HTH continues to surprise me with diverse and original programs. The Footprint Challenge taught me how to have a positive impact on the planet. The creative approach made it a lot of fun!”

Participant Hotelschool The Hague

“Well organised, inspiring, motivating, really one of the best organised programs I’ve come across at work. I am extremely proud of my employer for doing this!”

Daniek VodafoneZiggo

"Living greener sometimes seems really tough, but through this challenge we have learned that in addition to big steps, there are also plenty of small, simple steps you can take to do your part.”


“Fun assignments, good atmosphere and communication! It’s great that the challenge is divided into small steps and themes. II really enjoyed the input from the Footprint Coaches.”

Participant PBL

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