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“It turned out that ambitious and valuable sustainability
ambassadors were present throughout the organisation, who really came into the spotlight during the challenge.”

Sustainability is one of the core values at LC Packaging. The road to sustainability is endless, there is always room for improvement. With the LC Footprint Challenge, they wanted to engage all employees across 16 countries and 3 continents. Together with Lotte Mastwijk, Sustainability Manager, we look back on the LC Footprint Challenge.

Lotte Mastwijk
Sustainability Manager

Why did you organise the LC Footprint Challenge?
“In the run-up to our new sustainability strategy, we wanted to create awareness about important sustainability themes in a fun, playful way. We wanted to show that everyone can contribute to reducing their footprint: individually and collectively. We wanted to make sustainability tangible and make it a connecting factor between all layers of the organisation. Getting the conversation started.”

What did you hope to achieve?
“We hoped to create a certain level of awareness among our colleagues and to pass on knowledge. At LC Packaging we have big sustainability ambitions and ambitious goals, which we can only achieve if our people also see and understand the added value of those goals and how they can contribute every day. This was a good step in that direction.”

How did you feel about participating in the LC Footprint Challenge?
“Incredibly inspiring and educational. As a sustainability manager I am mainly concerned with sustainable thinking at company level: on a large scale. You almost forget that you can do so much yourself: at home, on the road, with your children, with your colleagues… I have become more aware of my daily actions: what do I eat, what clothes do I buy, what do I do with stuff that I no longer use?”

“Incredibly inspiring and educational.”

“Our CEO still cycles to work for an hour twice a week and vegetarian lunches are much more common in the canteen.”

What has the LC Footprint Challenge meant for you as an organisation and for the employees?
80% of our colleagues took part in the challenge, at least 60% of them were very active. Our colleagues are spread over 16 countries and 3 continents. In times of COVID-19 we feel quite a distance. Also with colleagues in the same office. If you have virtual contact with each other, it is often immediately about work. We all miss the daily chit chat. With the help of the Footprint Challenge we were able to be positive about life. We interacted and inspired each other and since sustainability is universal, we spoke the same language. The challenge has brought new energy and good intentions to maintain our new sustainable behaviour.

What do you think of the result of the LC Footprint Challenge?
“We had a great turnout and a lot of active colleagues. Together we made a big impact and embraced sustainability a little more. 86% of our participating colleagues say the Footprint Challenge has made them more involved in sustainability at work and 65% feel more connected with colleagues. I think that is a great result!

“The challenge is very well put together.”

What are you most proud of?
“It turned out that ambitious and valuable sustainability ambassadors were hiding throughout the organisation, who really came into the spotlight during the challenge. That is very nice to see and a gift to have as a company. In addition, I think it is great that so many colleagues have started living much more sustainably and they are rightly proud of that. Our CEO still cycles to work for an hour twice a week and a vegetarian lunch can be found much more often in the canteen.”

What do you think of the communication with us and the way we organised the challenge?
“The challenge is very well put together. It is the only sustainability program we have launched in recent years that we did not have to do much ourselves. Everything is prepared, from communication and marketing materials to ideas for prizes to be won. The online platform is well put together and the Footprint Community was a real added value. Laura and Miriam were always active digitally and responded very quickly to messages from colleagues, gave tips and were ready to answer questions. In short: a good collaboration and a great programme.”

Would you recommend other organizations to participate in a Footprint Challenge?
“96% of our participants would recommend others to participate in a possible next edition. The conclusion is that it is a great programme to offer to your employees in any case. As an organisation we have got more people in the same direction now and created awareness. I would therefore recommend any organisation with a sustainable ambition to participate. It is an accessible way to change sustainability from something that is not really tangible to a common goal.”

“Fun assignments, good atmosphere and communication! It’s great that the challenge is divided into small steps and themes. II really enjoyed the input from the Footprint Coaches.”

Participant LC

“We had fun while trying to make the world a better place for future generations plus most of these actions save money!”

Participant LC

“Absolutely enjoyed it. I learnt so much on how to improve my footprint, so many tips that will stick with me.”

Participant LC

"Super fun to do as a team. This way we could motivate and inspire each other by taking small steps to make our daily life more sustainable."

Participant LC

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