Handprint Workshop

Did you know that you not only have a footprint, but also a “handprint”? Many people are not yet familiar with this term. It’s high time to change that!

Your handprint is the positive impact that you, as an individual or as an organization, have on your environment. For example, you can grow your handprint by inspiring friends, colleagues, or customers to also take sustainable steps. After all, you can achieve much more together!

Do you want to grow your positive impact on the world, but aren’t sure where to start or what more you can do? Organize a Handprint Workshop for you and your colleagues. Together, you’ll discover how you can grow your positive impact with small actions.

The workshop that makes everyone happy!

Grow your ecological handprint

In this interactive workshop, we dive into the concept of the ecological handprint – the positive side of sustainability. Together, we’ll explore how we can grow our positive impact on the planet, both individually and for your organization.

What can you expect?

  • Interactive Session: From personal reflections to creative brainstorming sessions.
  • Action-oriented Tools: We provide practical tools and tips to grow your ecological handprint.
  • Handprint Action Plan: You will leave with a Handprint Action Plan for yourself and your organization.

What are the benefits?

  • Positive movement in your organization: Collaborate with like-minded people and become part of a movement within your organization that strives for positive change.
  • Personal Growth: Learn about your unique contribution to a more sustainable world and discover how you can grow it.

Who is it for?

The workshop is perfect for anyone within your organization who wants to contribute to a more sustainable world and a more sustainable organization, whether you’re a sustainability expert or just starting your sustainable journey. After this workshop, you will know exactly how you can grow your positive impact further.

Are you ready to grow your positive impact on the world? This is your chance to actively contribute to a more sustainable future, together with us.

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