The Footprint Workshop

In addition to our 40-day Footprint Challenge, we offer Footprint Workshops as a perfect solution for teams to learn about sustainability in a lighthearted and fun way. During this 1.5-hour workshop, we take employees on an interactive journey into the world of the ecological footprint and handprint, and explore our individual impact on the Earth.

Footprint Workshop

Part 1:

Footprint Quiz

During the first part of the Footprint Workshop, participants will engage in a Footprint Quiz to explore the meaning of “ecological footprint” and discover how small actions in their daily lives can make a positive impact.

Part 2:

Footprint Game

Next, we zoom in on the ecological footprint for each individual. By playing the Footprint Game, participants discover whether their footprint is small, medium or large.

Part 3:

Footprint Action Plan

Time for action! All participants create a personal Footprint Action Plan, outlining how they will reduce their ecological footprint and grow their handprint both at work and home.

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